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Stratco Outback®

Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Experience the best of outdoor living with a Stratco Outback® Verandah, Patio or Carport. Open your home to the outside and create a space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Under a Stratco Outback you are protected from the elements, expanding your possibilities for entertaining, storage, an allweather play area for kids or simply enjoying your garden.

Invest in Market Leading Quality

Available in a wide range of high gloss colours to complement your home, the Stratco Outback features the sturdy Outback Deck, a steel roofing sheet with a clean, smooth underside that has a ‘ceiling-like’ finish. It can span up to 4.5 metres, allowing the support beams to be placed well apart for a clean, uncluttered finish. The structure is formed with strong and elegant, chamfered and fluted beams and columns. Matching gutters tie the system together, while hidden fixing points and concealed brackets complete the smooth and refined appearance.

Genuine Peace of Mind

Your durable Stratco Outback will be a lasting and satisfying investment giving you many years of enjoyment. It is protected by our own 15 year structural warranty*, and when installed by an Authorised Outback Dealer you are covered by a one year installation warranty. The Stratco Outback range has been thoroughly engineered and tested to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. The major components are made from strong high tensile steel, while the fixings and brackets are galvanised for a long useable life.

Design Felxibility - As Unique as You Are

Design freedom is central to the versatile Stratco Outback. Your Stratco Outback is custom designed and made for your exact requirements. You can choose from flat, gable, curved or opening roof, in either attached or freestanding. Or you can choose a combination of styles in a wide range of colours to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.
*Conditions apply

The Outback Advantage

    • • Personal in-house or in-store design consultation
    • • Custom kit manufactured individually for you
    • • Available in a wide range of designs, including flat roof, gables, curves, insulated roof, pergolas and opening roof
    • • Innovative design and market leading aesthetics
    • • High gloss, all colour verandah and patio system.
    • • Large spans provide a clear, uncluttered appearance
    • • Enclosed framework, hidden fixings and contoured brackets ensure a clean, tidy appearance
    • • Tested and certified by Stratco and Independent Engineers
    • • Do-it-yourself installation or ‘supply and installation’ by an Authorised Outback Dealer.

Outback Flat Roof

Create a functional outdoor living area that will enhance your home and lifestyle with the smooth, simple, uncluttered lines of the classic Outback Flat Roof. The versatile Outback Flat Roof system can be configured to cover any area around the home.

It is ideal as a single unit or incorporated with a gable roof, curved roof, or pergola system. Available as either a freestanding structure or attached to the home it can be used as a verandah, patio or carport. With the addition of the Outback Rooflite™ you can supply filtered light to the underside. The beams can span up to 8.4 metres and are available in either 120mm or 150mm sizes.

There are four configurations to choose from:

• Type One has a 4.5 metre maximum span and only requires an outside beam to support the structure, although most units use perimeter beams on all sides to provide the  best appearance.

• Type Two is the same, but with an overhang at the front to increase the covered area to 5.4 metres.

• Type Three has support beams across the span so the roof sheets can run horizontally for a different appearance.

• Type Four has extra support beams and a purlin through the middle to give it a span of 8.4 metres.

Smart Design

Stratco designers work hard to give you smarter solutions for your outdoor living space, including:

• Enclosed beams to discourage pests

• Minimal framework for less cleaning

• Fewer visible screws for a neater appearance

• Self-locating brackets for easier installation.

Complete Customisation

The Stratco Outback range is designed as a complete customisable package, giving you the freedom to design your own style, shape, size and colour. All Outback designs are supported by in-house engineering and local manufacturing, offering you unrivalled design flexibility.

Intelligent Engineering

Stratco engineers work hard to give you intelligent solutions for your outdoor living space, including:

• Council-friendly plans for easy approval

• Specifications that exceed building regulations

• Unique beam & bracket system for strength

• Impressive spans for uninterrupted views.

Outback Gable Roof

Exhibiting a strong presence and style, the pitched roof of an Outback Gable Verandah, Patio or Carport is endowed with an open feel that will enrich your home and outdoor entertainment area. The Outback Gable is available as a freestanding unit or attached to the home. When you combine it with flat roof or pergola sections then the prominent pitched roof becomes the attractive central hub of your outdoor lifestyle. You can also enjoy natural filtered light by incorporating Outback Rooflites in the Outback Deck. Available in Multispan or Clearspan designs to suit your design choices.

Multispan for Colour & Light Flexibility

An Outback Multispan Gable features purlins that are placed over the rafters in the roof. This supports the cladding, which can be the smooth Outback Deck, light and airy polycarbonate, or classic corrugated steel. The gable roof can span up to 6.6m wide on a Multispan design giving you a family-friendly hub.

Clearspan for Smooth Beauty

The Outback Clearspan Gable uses the Stratco exclusive Outback Deck, a remarkably strong roofing material that does not need additional support. The Clearspan Gable can span an impressive 7.5 metres wide. So you will really enjoy your outdoor lifestyle and big family occasions under this magnificent uncluttered gable.

Outback Heritage

With enduring style and versatility, Outback Heritage Verandah, Patio or Carport offers large spans and long lengths to expand your design options. Two styles are offered, the Traditional Gable and Dutch Gable. Both are available attached or freestanding and offer the standard eave height of 2.4 metres, but can be ordered up to 3.6 metres high. The Outback Heritage uses CGI corrugated iron or polycarbonate cladding, so you can choose from over 20 colours to really paint your dream.

Traditional Gable

• Impressive widths of up to 8.4 metres

• Available with a roof pitch of either 22 or 30 degrees

• Range of optional decorative and functional end infills.

Dutch Gable

• Widths of up to 7.5 metres

• Roof pitch of 22 degrees

• Comes with a fibre-cement sheet infill.

Outback Cooldek® Insulated Roofing

A Breakthrough Innovation

Control the climate with Stratco’s innovative Cooldek insulated panel. Cooldek provides roofing, insulation and a beautiful ceiling all in one product. Cooldek is designed to be strong enough to span significant lengths unsupported while providing outstanding thermal performance. Cooldek is relatively simple to install, and even has an inbuilt rebate to conceal electrical wiring for fans and light fittings.

Insulated Advantage for Cooling Comfort

Stratco Cooldek roofing features a polystyrene core that is permanently bonded to a smooth, easy to clean coloured steel underside and a profiled, coloured steel topside. The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce heat from above on hot days which significantly increases comfort levels under the roof. It also reduces noise from heavy rain and will aid in keeping the interior of your home cool, reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Many Options Available

You have two top profiles to choose from; either the traditional corrugated shape of Cooldek CGI or the high performance decking shape of Cooldek Classic. For the underside contour, there is a choice of smooth or two ribbed finishes. The underside is available in white or a choice of high gloss colours.

You can choose from three insulation thicknesses; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, for increasing levels of insulation and greater spanning capabilities. 50mm thick panels have an insulation rating (R value) of up to 1.6, 75mm thick panels have an R value of up to 2.2 and 100mm thick panels have an R value of up to 2.8.

The topside colour choices include a wide range of popular colours to integrate your patio into existing colour schemes.

Impressive Strength, Incredibly Long Spans

Exceptional strength allows Cooldek to span up to an impressive 7.2 metres unsupported. These large spans reduce the number of beams and framework required, which offers you an uncluttered appearance and clear views.

Outback Sunroof™

For the Best of Your Weather

Control your outdoor living weather with the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof. Its electronically controlled louvres can be opened and closed to your desired position. Let the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine, and provide protection when the clouds set in. By adjusting the rotating louvres with the hand held remote, you can easily control the level of sunlight, shade and weather shielding. The system has an inbuilt rain sensor that will automatically close the blades if rain is detected. When the louvres are completely shut they form a beautiful ceiling-like interlocking profile that protects you from the weather.

Superior Design

The Stratco Outback Sunroof is available in a flat and gable roof design. It can span up to 3.9 metres for flat, and 7.2 metres for gable designs thanks to its strong, well-engineered blades. The powder coated aluminium blades have an inbuilt weather strip to reduce noise and form a tight seal. The moving parts use specially designed bushes for whisper quiet performance, and the blades are driven by a powerful 24 volt DC linear actuator for reliable long life operation.

Outback Curved Roof

Show Your Contemporary Flair

The contemporary form of the Outback Curved Roof Verandah, Patio or Carport will add value and impart a sense of style and sophistication to your home.

The curved roof can span up to 6.6 metres wide in both Multispan and Clearspan designs. It is available as a freestanding unit or attached to the home.

Multispan for Roofing Material Choice

The Outback Multispan Curved Roof has purlins that are placed over the rafters in the roof. This supports your choice of cladding; from smooth Outback Deck, light and airy polycarbonate, or classic corrugated steel. Excellent if you want to achieve a very particular colour or light level.

Clearspan for Uncluttered Clean Lines

The Outback Clearspan Curved Roof minimises beams and rafters by using remarkably strong Outback Deck. This leaves the roof area clean and uncluttered with a ceiling-like appearance from beneath. Rooflites are available to brighten your lifestyle space underneath.

Gazebo & Hip End

Outback Gazebo End for a Destinctive Finish

Exuding charm and character, the Outback Gazebo End adds a new dimension to the end of an Outback Gable. Designed to provide the finishing touch, its distinctive form will impart a refined and elegant air to your home. The Gazebo End has been designed to enhance the appeal of any home, and works especially well on those with bay windows and hexagon forms in the roof design.

Outback Hip End for Architectural Symmetry

With an enduring style, the Stratco Outback Hip End will add a traditional charisma to your home. The hip end is an elegant addition that completes the end of an Outback Gable. It has been designed to match the existing architecture of homes with a hip end in the roofline. You can incorporate a hip end to great effect on one or both ends of your gable.

Outback Pergola

Create an inviting open-air setting that will let the light in and improve the appearance of your home. Ideal for defining and shading an outdoor space for both you and your delicate plants. With massive spans of up to eight metres, it is available freestanding or attached. The beams can be left open or fitted with a range of shadecloth colours and shade levels for varying sun protection. The shadecloth is attached with a special clip for a neat finish.

Pergola Shade Blade™

For a more permanent option to create natural filtered light, the innovative Shade Blade system is ideal. Designed to attach to your pergola as an angled, fixed blade arrangement, Shade Blade lets the light and breeze in while providing shelter from the sun. The unique blade design has a small gutter to provide protection from light rain. For added privacy, Shade Blade can be installed as a side screen. When used as a side screen, the support post centres should be a maximum of 1.2 metres apart.

Outback Carport

Protect Your Pride and Joy

Enjoy the feeling of entering a cool car on a hot day or avoid a drenching when trying to bring the shopping in. All of the Outback range is suitable for installation as a carport. You can express your personality with Stratco’s incredible range of designs and colours, and with the neat, beautiful finish only available on an Outback, you can be sure you are maintaining or enhancing your homes street appeal. Choose from freestanding or house attached designs to really enhance the value and comfort of your home.


Enabling Year Round Use

You can include lighting, fans or heaters to compliment your wonderful Outback living space. With the wide range of accessories available, you can enjoy your Outback lifestyle all year round:

• Beam mounted lighting

• Cooldek integrated downlights

• Outback Rooflites

• Ceiling fans

• Decorative screens

• Electric strip heaters

• Patio gas heaters

• Outdoor kitchens

• Outdoor furniture settings

• BBQ’s & pizza ovens

Ambient Blinds

Ultimate in Stylish Patio Screening

Ambient Blinds from Stratco offer you a beautiful range of solutions to outdoor lifestyle issues such as sunglare, heat control, UV protection, privacy, and even insect control. To further enhance your outdoor lifestyle, all year round.

Specially designed for Outback patios, the Ambient Blinds range attractively integrates into your design with a choice of 5 matching standard frame colours. All frames are powder coated to an exterior grade quality, providing superior, long lasting protection and colour to your outdoor area.

Choose from 12 different fabric colours to match or contrast with your existing décor. From glare reducing dark greys to clean and welcoming creams, and many natural tones in between. You can select from 3 Openness Factors (tightness of the fabric weave) and all Ambient Blinds are made from very durable fabric to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

You can also choose between 3 methods to extend and retract the Ambient Blinds – manual spring assisted action, manual crank driven action and motor driven with a switch or remote.

Colour Your World

The beautiful Stratco Outback range offers 8 high gloss framework colours, a variety of high gloss cladding colour options and over 22 gutter and trim colours to match or contrast with your existing colour scheme.

So whether you choose calming hues for your haven or bold tones for your entertaining area, or even filtered light for your family space, you will find a colour combination that’s just right for you.